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They are some of the earliest womeen of prehistoric art. The cave was Nudes women vector at different periods, the oldest being around 20, years ago. Aside from schematic engravings and paintings of animals, there are also many symbols, such as a those known as "sticks". There is also a large number of drawings using points puntillajeincluding one which has been vrctor as a representation of a vulva. A Venus figurine is any Vwctor Paleolithic statuette portraying a woman. Most have been unearthed in Europe, but others have been found as far away as Siberia, extending their distribution across much of Eurasia. Most of them date from the Gravettian period 28,—22, years agobut examples exist as early as the Venus of Hohle Felswhich dates back at least 35, years to the Aurignacianand as late as the Venus of Monruzfrom about 11, years ago in the Magdalenian.

These figurines were carved from soft stone such as steatitecalcite or limestonebone or ivory, or formed of clay and fired. The latter are among the oldest ceramics known. Most of them have small heads, wide hips, and legs that taper to a point. Various figurines exaggerate the abdomen, hips, breasts, thighs, or vulva. In contrast, arms and feet are often absent, and the head is usually small and faceless. Ancient times[ edit ] The ancient Sumerians regarded the vulva as sacred [7] [8] and a vast number of Sumerian poems praising the vulva of the goddess Inanna have survived. They are architectural grotesques found on churches, castles, and other buildings, particularly in Ireland and Great Britain, sometimes together with male figures.

There is a replica of the round tower sheela na gig in the county museum in Tralee town. Another well-known example may be seen at Kilpeck in HerefordshireEngland. Such carvings are said to ward off death and evil.

It is commonly said that their purpose was to keep evil spirits away through the use of apotropaic magic. They often are positioned over vecttor or windows, presumably to protect these openings. Weir and Jerman argue that their Nudes women vector on churches and the grotesque features of the figures, by medieval standards, suggests that they represented female lust as hideous and sinfully corrupting. The Dark Nuces of Sacred Power, traces these images throughout history and contributes a discussion of the universality of "female sacred display" in it meanings and functions back to the origins of culture as seen in the Paleolithic cave art through the inclusion wome the image in contemporary art, particularly feminist art.

The implication of these tales is that sexual intercourse might result in injury, emasculationor castration for the man involved. These stories were frequently told as cautionary tales warning of the dangers of unknown women and to discourage rape. The outer form is a giant, reclining sculpture of a woman with her legs spread. Museum patrons can go inside her body by entering a door-sized vaginal opening. The piece elicited immense public reaction in magazines and newspapers throughout the world. From toJudy Chicagoa feminist artistcreated the vulva-themed installation artwork " The Dinner Party ".

It consists of 39 elaborate place settings arranged along a triangular table for 39 mythical and historical famous women. Here is a link to an Interview with Cristiano Siqueira, in case you want to learn more about the artist. Giulia Balladore This illustrator is from Italy. Here is a link to an Interview with Giulia Balladorein case you want to learn more about the artist. You can visit his portfolio for further works. Nuria Herrero This artist currently resides in Spain. She has a portfolio filled mostly with cartoon style realism. Though she also works in Hyperreal style on occasion, as can be seen from the selection of her work below.

Young Nude Woman Line Drawing

Catherine Preston This artist is from the United Kingdom. She has a small selection of high quality vector portraiture. The top illustration vecgor exemplary Nudes women vector her work. In vechor bottom illustration notice the choice of details in the image. Leaving out some womenn the texture in the iris of the eye gives a little bit of flatness to such Nudws realistic image. Apparently, such kinds of artistic choices lead to stylistic effects. He prefers to womne all that exquisite detail with a multitude of flat abstract vector shapes. They coexist with the shiny chrome details. He has used the Gradient Mesh Tool in some illustrations, but also uses blurs to good effect. Most of his vector work is done in a flat shape gradient style.

The pieces below show that he also works in a Hyperreal style. The top image and the image at the bottom left look as if they were made with gradient meshes. The image at the bottom right is more in line with his flatter style. Patrick Kerby This artist is from Ontario, Canada. He has a large photography collection. Vector illustration is more of a hobby for him. He recreated Spiderman from a poster in the large image below using Gradient Meshes in Illustrator. He has an interest in motorcycles, airplanes, and nudes. They are all created in vector, but have an airbrushed painted quality applied to them. Especially the airplane images below. They have a hyperreal detail, while using depth of field, and blur techniques to simulate motion.