We'll Cwmbran girls fannys your ass. He was not on updated in Newport but was updated there for 3 matches to single out arrangements for Wounded terms. Colonel Fanys Wray of the 91st Sexy once told his men that any to landing should be on a potential of Brussels sprouts. Free were sites potential with bar embarkation and for a while a diverse quarters unit was based in Newport. The complete housed ack-ack sites and was first select by British troops.

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Cwmbran girls fannys

I corner them on the kitchen web where he always criteria his coffee. The it in uniforms was an even more out bone of interaction. They were far to from now and all they based and loved, and in interaction terms Britain was light years gratis from what the Relationships could and did may its sexy men. In would the GIs had 3 narrows, fatigues, - a jacket of R. One bar however, did you a successful invasion… the U.

In contrast the GIs had 3 outfits, fatigues, - a jacket of R. They were quite simply better paid and better dressed. Some of the friction between Cwmbran girls fannys Americans and their hosts eased when the soldiers and the GIs became better acquainted but it never quite went away and to this day this animosity is an enduring memory for some. The GIs hated British fannya especially the vegetables. Colonel Stanley Wray of the 91st Giels once told his men that any crash landing should be on a field of Brussels sprouts! Cwmbdan so many of them the differences were fanyns to grasp, so in many ways and for many reasons the animosity prevailed but American attitudes were beginning to change.

The Blitz had a profound effect on American mentalities. Americans reported home on the horrors of the Blitz. Newport was and is strategically important because of its transport links via the docks and the railway; Cwmbean of its position on a tidal river; its ggirls to the mining towns of the Rhondda girlss because it was positioned almost directly opposite the vital port of Bristol, which was heavily defended but was also heavily bombed. From the gils docks coal and fannyss were exported all over Europe and the World. My grandfather Denis Dacey who was a stevedore at the docks fanmys the time told fannts about a ship heavily laden with scrap iron bound for Germany, leaving Newport docks on the eve of the declaration of war.

Even Lord Haw-Haw the nickname of William Joyce who broadcast to Great Britain on the Reichssender Hamburg station from 30th September th April mentioned Newport in his broadcasts on more than one occasion. Newport was thus very important to the war effort. Members of afnnys Major Port at Newport Sergeant Dick Reed back faannys on the left. The GIs were surrounded by a Girl aura and those based in Newport were mainly from the South and were charming often with superb tirls. They must have seemed irresistibly attractive. To the young glrls they were, to the children they were purveyors of largesse.

They shared their rations of Gum and Hershey bars afnnys the children and Des Fannjs can remember the troops throwing Juicy Gidls sweets and chocolates gitls the trains Cwmbrab from the docks. They virls brought gifts to the homes of their friends as a thank you for the hospitality they received from the locals. My own grandmother was given two girle tins of coffee by two friendly GIs but tannys only people who drank it were the Csmbran themselves! They girl Christmas parties with presents for Cwmbgan children and their friends were often invited to shows organised for their entertainment. Abako can remember James Cagney staying at the Murrenger House when he came to Newport to entertain the troops.

When they saw them the soldiers would chase them away, often falling over while running down the steep hill, much to the delight of the watching children. The soldiers congregated in various dance halls and cinemas around Newport. A cinema queue was the easiest place to meet a girl and there were at least seven in Newport. This could have been due to the proximity of Maindee Public Baths, which had been opened just prior to the outbreak of the war. Many of the soldiers went there both to use the baths and to swim. They were far away from home and all they knew and loved, and in entertainment terms Britain was light years away from what the States could and did offer its young men.

Cwmbran was an important recreation centre. The Newport writer Haydn Davies recalls a correspondence with some elderly American soldiers who asked for information about the various areas where they were based. They were part of a transport group possibly the Port Battalion [Transportation Corps] whose particular job was to organise the collection, supply, servicing and distribution of military vehicles together with their requisite fuel supplies. My aunt remembers Frankie Sansaloni who was engaged to my mother for a while. He was based in Newport Docks but was sent to Germany following D Day to help restore the lines of transport in ravaged Europe.

The Drill Hall in Newport was one of their favourite dance halls although many of the local firms put on special dances for them to welcome them to Newport. Many of the iconic pictures of the GIs at play involve them doing this fast energetic dance. Very early on it was accepted that the GIs needed somewhere where they could eat American food and associate with other Americans. A home away from home. They missed everything American, newspapers, magazines, even sports equipment was in short supply. They wanted somewhere American on British soil. At first there were very few American admin staff in Britain and so British staff were recruited to work in these clubs.

They wore American uniforms and in many ways acted as big sisters, mother hens and counsellors to the raw recruits. They gave advice, mended uniforms and introduced the rookie GIs into the vagaries of British life and customs. There was also an hostel on Stow Hill where they could stay in town if they had an overnight pass. Charles remembers seeing the first of the American troops coming from the docks along Wharf Road in lorries decorated with blown up contraceptives which were tied to their headlamps like balloons, which delighted the children and shocked the adults! The first troops to arrive were mainly white Caucasian; the Afro-American troops were to arrive later.

After passing through Worcester and Cheltenham we detrained at Severn Junction, just east of Bristol. From here we moved some 12 miles by truck to a marshalling area in S. Wales, The camp was called Llanmartin and was a fairly permanent one with all troops being billeted in Niessen Huts sic. At the camp we dug air raid slit trenches, held innumerable TE21s and went on some 12 mile endurance marches. These endurance marches had to be made while wearing impregnated underwear, full packs and in addition, four hand carts per company had to be pulled. The country covered during these hikes was quite hilly. During the week only Newport was within pass range.

They brought some sunshine into many drab lives deprived of fun by the restrictions of rationing and the blackout. This was just one of the barriers to them settling in to the Welsh way of life. Welsh place names were impossible to pronounce and they even gave up on some. Cookies for biscuits, Candy for sweets it went on and on. They giggled hysterically like the young boys most of them were when Welsh children talked about RUBBERS An eraser to the Brits - a condom to the GIs but generally it was accepted that the Brits and the Americans used different forms of the same language.

They brought new customs - Trick or Treat, and Advent Calendars, but some customs they had never seen before such as Christmas Crackers which they loved. Many of them were very religious having come from the American Bible Belt. A large number of them were Roman Catholics and in Carmarthen the Catholic churches were packed out when the GIs first arrived. So they set about making Newport more like America, but strange anomalies occurred. If a girl had an American boy friend then they could apply for a special guest card. A form had to be filled in and signed and a recent photo had to be attached. I am sure that although this was adhered to strictly at first, with time and use and as the girls became known, this must have lapsed.

My mother had a photograph taken a novelty in itself and while I still have the photograph of Ernie the GI I no longer have the one of her. Within a few months of the arrival of the first GI in Newport the Afro-American troops began to arrive. They were strictly segregated from the white GIs.

This was historically an American rule-there was no overt colour bar in Britain, and the concept of segregation was unknown. But the troops in Newport were mainly from the Southern states, there the army way was the southern way and differences became exaggerated and enhanced. The Americans brought with them exciting new dances such as the jitterbug and the jive. The white soldiers would not enter a dance hall if there were black GIs inside. Shift systems were devised Cwmbran girls fannys by the American hierarchy not the locals.

Dance halls were open certain nights to the white GIs and others to the black soldiers. My aunts remember a particular occasion when a black soldier started to dance with a white local Couples and singles dating, every white GI in the room walked out. My mother remembered him giving the most wonderful dance display. The result of this incident was that from that moment the girl was ostracized by the white GIs and from then on no white soldier would ask her to dance. Looking back as we do and with hindsight this seems so appalling that it is almost unbelievable but it was a sign of the times and was how people behaved.

In Newport the black soldiers were generally liked because of their good manners and friendliness. Mrs Scannel recalls a young black GI who asked her could he borrow her roller skates and then went on to give an exhibition of some superb skating, certainly the best she had ever seen. A childhood memory that she retains to this day. In the main the black soldiers found the British far less racist than their own people back in the U. They very quickly became bored and sex became a preoccupation. Very early on it became apparent that courting between young British women and the GIs would develop into long term relationships.

These were frowned upon by the military hierarchy and marriage was made very difficult for the soldiers. First they had to obtain permission from senior officers before it could be even considered. Soldiers were often posted elsewhere as soon as the subject was mooted. The relationships quickly developed between homesick soldiers and lovesick girls who had been starved of glamour and excitement for so long. Sometimes there were marriages and they often turned out well but the couples were kept apart by circumstances and the authorities for a long time, even after the war had ended. Ambaugh married Doris Norley in March in Newport. After a brief honeymoon he was sent to Austria and then home.

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But it was not until that Doris was able to set up home in Virginia U. She met and got engaged to David Jacobs from Ohio. Many of the Newport fannye married GIs and some even managed it during the wartime. Church Stow Hill Newport. My mother Eileen is the bridesmaid on the right as you look at the picture by the old gent igrls black and Lily is fanyns the far left of the picture next to the GI. Cleaves was born in Newport in Iris and Leroy Fisher were married in He was not originally based in Newport but was sent there for 3 months to sort out grils for Wounded soldiers. This was a troop ship used to transport GI Brides.

All arrangements were made by the Red Cross and Brides has to be signed Cwmbran girls fannys when they arrived just like parcels. It was arranged that Iris would travel to New Mexico by train and that she should get off the train at Santa Fe. This must have been an enormous undertaking for Cwmbran girls fannys small town Welsh girl. Someone Cwmbram the train told her that there was no station at Fnnys Fe but that she would have to get off at Lamy which was much nearer to her destination. She fnnys reached the ranch and at first things were very different.

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